January the 20th of this brand new 2022. Most of us have still not recovered from the vows given to themselves and to others that they (we) are about to do some magnificent shit and in a record time, some things we never did before or that this is going to be the final time we will finally succeed in doing those.

Well in truth what is really going on in most of our lives is that we are still puzzled as to will this fake/real pandemic ever going to end. Of course some of us are wise enough to have seen through the lies we were told for the past 2 years and, well, others (which constitute the majority of people) regretfully haven’t.

One thing we all have in common is that this situation affects us all, some more than the others. We now have a choice, to either go forward with our lives ignoring that things are not as they were before, pretending that all is good, or to do something constructive about it, to make a change which will affect our personal lives as well as to affect the lives of others. So what will we do?

I will leave that entirely up to you. That is not the point.

During the month of December I finally got to grips with my habits and desires, acquired some level of control. Something that has been elusive to me for quite some time. For a month or so I was very dedicated to not eat sweet things, exercising, avoiding the media, no to coffee or beer. But there was a point were I decided to just quit for a while. It was my daughters birthday and 2 days before, I started with everything I avoided for almost 2 months. Was it a good decision to just take a break and cool off? I am not sure, because, a month after that I still do all those things. I tried a few times to quit again but no real effort was involved.

This is one of the things that can make us or break us. The ability to acquire new good habits and break old destructive ones.

It is not a task of will as it may seem. We need to acknowledge that will alone cannot get us accross to what we want and need. We need a visceral vision of our destiny, our future, what we believe we want. We need to feel the life we want ahead of the experience. Some bold words here, but hey they really need to be, we need or rather have to see some grandeur and magnificence that awaits us soon, to be able to move and really do something. Emotions are what drives us and not logic. We can all come up with a thousand reasons for or against change we ensue, but what prevails is, what we actually feel. What do you feel? Are you afraid of your future or you cannot wait to experince it.