My name is Ivan Vukadinović and i am a web designer and an entrepreneur from Serbia. My passions are self improvement and psychology. What drives me is the fact that i can always become better than i was yesterday, and that goes for each and every day of my life. I read a lot. There is no room for stagnation in my life, and there is always for constant change for the better. Of course no man on this earth feels complete and whole without contributing to others, something i realised early on in my life, since i found only emptiness in achieving personal goals only for my self. I believe we are all capable of living a full, rich, and meaningful life. One filled with joy, compassion, and purpose. That is why withivan.com is here, to help you thrive when you’re up and survive when you’re down. To help you overcome the obstacles in your path and create the life you desire.

On this blog you are going to find loads of useful information and tips for self improvement and all for free. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as i enjoy creating them. Have an awesome day my friend !